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FNIT Experience is your success we are providing web and software devlopment with digital marketing services to our client .FNIT Soulution Pvt.Ltd is specialized in e commerce ,web application ,school management software and CRM &ERP mobile application we have technical expertise and in depth knowledge of currrent industry trends with a quality driven delivery model.

FNIT aim to deliver our clients with unique product and service.

We have more than 5 year experienced IT professionals team for design and web devlopment ,crafting digital campaigning and SEO

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Premium designs indicate those Portfolio designs, which can be used exclusively by our premium members. Standard designs refer to those Portfolio designs, which can also be used by our Free members.


SEO Optimized

Our Organic Search engine optimization (SEO) services aim to obtain your website appear high in the results for the specific searches likely to generate more competent leads for your business.


Bonus: PSDs Included

We deliver our theme with all demo pages, templates & slideshows you can see on Scalia's demo website (except demo images we have used in content). Scalia comes with an XML demo content files.


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When designing your interface, try to be consistent and predictable in your choice of interface elements. Whether they are aware of it or not, users have become familiar with elements acting in a certain way.

It's What We Do.

Software Product Development

Most of the businesses nowadays are technology driven and the underlying software that runs on the system is built with thought and innovation. A software product can be considered successful if it offers the flexibility to help process large amounts of data in minimal time and also has the ability to generate reports for critical business decision making. Another kind of software product could be something that can run on handheld devices or any platform thus allowing you to better connect with clients and customers. The needs and requirements are limitless and the demand for intelligent competitively priced software is the need of the hour.

At FNIT, we have hired software developers who can help create for you a wide range of software products as per your business need or individual requirement. If you require a software application for your website, intelligent office automation software that can ease out your day at work or a software product that can seamlessly run on any kind of platform or device, we offer almost everything under one roof.

Since the success of any software product depends upon its ability to help you save time and efforts and boost profit margins this is why we would strategize and help you come up with innovative ideas. We would also look into key factors like market readiness so that when the software product is finally launched it helps better engage your target audience and remains a success for considerable number of years. We would help design software products that can help take care of current business and market demands. This would help propel your business and also fetch you better Return on Investments (ROI) in no time at all.

Custom Software Development

At FNIT, we follow a highly proven methodology which efficiently helps us deliver our software development services to our clients. Our client’s responses to these products stand testimony to the fact that our advanced solutions work effectively and deliver results which are almost always better than expected.

We focus on developing software which is individualized, to suit the various individual needs of our respective clients. We understand that each business is different, and its aims, its functions, its target market and features are all different from the next.

Our range of custom software development services include:

  1. IT consulting
  2. Solution designs
  3. software engineering
  4. product integration services
  5. software product development
  6. multi-tier client – server solutions
  7. software maintenance and support
  8. development of mobile phone software
  9. software testing (including third party testing)

Software Testing Services

It is important to test a software application before it is finally implemented and brought into production. This eradicates any unforeseen errors and bugs that may hamper the overall performance of the software product. At FNIT, we conduct a series of tests before we deliver the end product to you. We adopt various testing techniques like for instance Black Box, Gray Box, White Box, Scripting tests and more. Our professionals would perform routine tests on key elements that form an integral part of the software. This would include:

  1. Functional tests
  2. Load and stress
  3. Performance evaluation
  4. Portability and scalability
  5. Tests on compatibility
  6. Tests on data security

Game Design and Development

Gaming is one of the most intensifying and electrifying products in the world of entertainment today. It has revolutionized both online social and video gaming experiences for groups of all ages. Over the past few years the design and development of games has transformed manifolds as per user requirements and development in technology. Futuristic games have become more realistic and engage the user in a most resilient manner.

In order to ensure your gaming project is a complete success we have hired a dedicated team of professionals and analysts who can look into complex situations and come up with bright ideas that can take the gaming experience to a new level. Our game design and development experts can help you in the following ways:

  1. Help design and develop attractive and compelling games that are proficient enough to promote your products and services. This in return can help generate more sales for you and also assist in brand promotion and market penetration.
  2. We can help design flash based games that can be easily integrated into your website and help pull in more traffic.
  3. By use of banner ads we can display your game ads on leading search engines and attract more visitors.
  4. Portability and scalability
  5. In case the game receives great response we can help you commercialize it and sell it to larger companies

Game Testing Services

At FNIT, we look into a wide spectrum of quality aspects to ensure you receive games that can create a positive impact on your target audience. We would look into key attributes like for instance games that can deliver performance, have the flexibility to run seamlessly almost anywhere and have the potential to continuously engage the end user.

Why choose us for your game testing?

At FNIT we offer the following advantages when it comes to game testing:

  1. We have hired professionals who can perform a detailed study of your video game at competitive rates
  2. Our professionals can offer technical advice on how to enhance the gaming capability and bring in more excitement
  3. We can perform an extensive test for a wide range of games that need to run on various platforms
  4. We can offer innovative ideas on how to make the game a most compelling and exhilarating experience

Web Application Development

Websites nowadays are no longer just a source of information. With time, as technology has evolved, websites have also transformed into something more resilient and compelling. With the advent of web based applications websites have changed the way people do business or buy commodities of the shelf. No longer are websites just a one way communication device. Now, they are perceived to be highly interactive tools integrated with software applications that can help better client or customer engagement and also simplify the way a company does business online. Web based applications have set the stage for effective two way communications and have paved the way for businesses to better understand their customers and launch innovative products in the market.

When you outsource your web application development project to us you can enjoy the following key advantages:

  1. We adopt a structured and methodological approach to your online business challenge thus ensuring that the end product is most effective
  2. We have considerable domain expertise in building best in class web applications
  3. We can deliver applications in lesser turnaround times
  4. We adopt quality driven processes so that your application is bug free
  5. We have hired professionals in all popular domains which gives you the flexibility to choose the platform/programing language in which you want the application to be developed in

Desktop Application Development Services

Our desktop application development services enable businesses to find better ways of performing their day to day tasks/activities and handling large amounts of data/information most proficiently. Unlike any web based application we can offer a typical desktop application that can run on your local machine and would also have the ability to connect with other users if on the same network. We offer desktop applications which find their use in a variety of areas and domains like for instance:

  1. Designing and processing of databases
  2. Business automation tools and other related services
  3. Plugins to attach with any other existing application running on your system
  4. To be used as an utility tool

At FNIT, our programing experts can offer cutting edge state of the art application development techniques to enable your business transpire into a most profitable proposition. Through our development services we would assist you to rapidly transform your business ideas into realistic products and solutions.

Application Testing

For the sheer success of any Software application, testing is an important stage that simply cannot be overlooked. A slight modification in the software or hardware can have a repentant impact on the performance thus leading to frustration on the clients end. This is why we at FNIT use the latest industry standards to perform a rigorous test of your application before it is delivered to you. We would make the application go through various quality tests and rectify any glitches at the very instant they are discovered.

Our application testing experts adopt the following procedures so that your application is most secure and offers you the competitive edge:

  1. Compatibility testing
  2. Functionality testing
  3. Testing for relapses

Why choose us for your application testing?

  1. Our software testing team at FNIT have the experience and tools that can accurately test a variety of applications and take corrective actions in minimal time
  2. We have handled a mix of simple and complex application testing for companies of all sizes which do businesses in various domains
  3. Plugins to attach with any other existing application running on your system

Application Maintenance

Many organizations nowadays implement a wide range of software applications and various other packaged solutions to ease out their day to day tasks. A considerable number of companies also opt for custom developed applications or a hybrid mix of both without giving due diligence to how they will maintain the application or even further enhance its capabilities to accommodate future requirements. With time, and as business grows consequently companies feel the requirement that someone has to maintain their application for them. Sheer negligence may result in their inability to compete in the market place and missed opportunities to better connect with customers.

FNIT offers reliable Application Management or Maintenance Services in order to help you in your ongoing business activities which would in return assist you to better widespread your business capabilities. As a leading application service provider, our expertise lies in the area of consistently managing and stabilizing, optimizing and helping you extend your application so that its functionality can seamlessly meet your organization’s fluctuating and growing needs.

We offer application maintenance services with a sense of warmth combined with excellent client handling skills. Apart from having in-depth technical and functional knowledge of your application we would also help you identify newer and innovative ways of taking your existing application to the next level.

Application Migration

In this era of competition if you want to stay ahead it is imperative that your existing application system should work just as efficient as you do. With the advent of newer and better applications being launched in the market, companies can better and faster engage with customers. They can effortlessly convert large amounts of data into meaningful information in lesser time and improve their company’s overall performance. In comparison to organizations that run on older systems one can make healthier and sound critical business decisions. This is why if you have an old system and it is a bottleneck in your company’s progress then it is high time that you should migrate to a better software application.

FNIT is a dependable Application Development and Maintenance Company and we assist those companies which seek dependable ways to migrate their existing system to newer platforms or architecture. We understand that at some point or another you would require application migration services if you want to stay ahead in competition.

We are a company that can offer you a wide range of database migration services. Whether you require Visual Basis to VB.net, CGI to PHP, SQL to Oracle etc. we can offer you almost anything your business desires. We can also take a look at your current infrastructure and help you devise methods of how to further improve it.

iPhone Application Development

The market today offers a wide range of mobile handsets with each cellphone manufacturer competing to grab a huge share of the marketplace. For those looking for superior performance and world class features the popular iPhone is a wonderful choice. However at times it is observed that the inbuilt applications are not sufficient enough to meet business demands. You may require something more convincing and unique so that you can powerfully perform your day to day business activities yet stay connected with important clients and stakeholders.

The technique used in creating an iPhone application requires a systematic approach. Features embedded within the phone like touchscreen, memory and processor make application development a huge challenge. At FNIT, we have hired professionals who have high level of expertise in developing a wide range of applications for your iPhone. Whether you are looking for applications that can enhance your business capability or something for leisure we can come up with an appropriate solution.

The iPhone is considered to be a high end communication device and to enhance the phone’s capabilities to best suit your demands we would offer a world of solutions. From web based applications and stunning graphics to gaming products and business applications we can come up with compelling solutions that can create a positive impact.

iPad Application Development

This is an era of compact, smart and portable computing devices that are built on creative and innovative ideas. The iPad is one such fine example as it comes packed with a wide range of amazing features and utilities that can suffice the needs of both business and leisure. With the ever growing popularity of the iPad the need and requirement of application developers has increased manifolds. With individuals and companies seeking to customize the device based on unique requirements more and more people are seeking companies that can provide quality and reliable application development services. This is where FNIT can help you in many ways!

The iPad is now a favorite for all age groups. Its 9.7 inch fully touch sensitive screen allows access to a world of applications and features that can keep anyone engaged. For children it provides a host of education based applications like virtual keyboard, drawing applications with virtual sketching and coloring. Learning alphabets and songs has never been so exciting before! At times you may feel the need to add more applications that can further engage little ones and this is where we can offer you a wide range of solutions to choose from. We can help build applications based on your exact requirement or help you choose a solution that would prove best to keep children of all ages engaged. Our analysts and developers can offer you quality, fun filled and exciting education based applications which can enhance the skill sets of children and help them increase their knowledge base.

BlackBerry Application Development

BlackBerry is one smart business phone that offers the user a wide range of features like fast internet surfing, multimedia access, emailing and more. Ever since its advent in 1999 it has been considered as a perfect communication device for business individuals or professionals who are on the move. With considerable growth in business and fluctuations in challenges it has been witnessed that the applications built within the phone may not be sufficient enough to meet business demands.

At FNIT, we understand how important your business is for you and above that how crucial it is for you to stay engaged with stakeholders and to be able to share important information and data on time. Since most companies rely on top notch smart business phones like BlackBerry hence we would help you seek innovative ways of enhancing the phone's features and business applications so they best suit your requirement.

All BlackBerries come with inbuilt PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) applications that include a host of software utilities like address book, calendar, notes and more. We can help you add more applications to the list so that your business mobile can help you better socialize with clients while on the move or you can keep track of important meetings and appointments. If you are looking to enhance the email and net browsing applications then allow our experts to provide you a world of solutions.

Android Application Development

The Android OS works quite similar to any other operating system that runs on any desktop, laptop or computing device. It offers reliability to perform tasks or for you to be able to access multiple features and functionalities. The popular Android Operating System developed by Google has proven to be most successful and offers users a wide range of options and features to choose from. Since, Android is an open source hence our experts can further work on the code to help develop for you applications that can suffice both your business and entertainment requirements.

At FNIT, we have dedicated mobile apps developer programmers who offer resilient mobile development services. For your Android based mobile handset we can create exciting applications and utilities that can offer a spectacular and unique experience. We can offer customized solutions in the area of phone security, messaging, video and music players, navigation features, browser, 3D graphics and gaming, contact/address book, search facilities, exciting graphics and a wide range of other useful tools.


Magento is a popular open source Content Management System (CMS) nowadays and is being utilized by many small to medium businesses due to its flexibility, ease of use and user friendly interfaces. It comes with an enterprise edition as well which is well suited for larger organizations. This open source hosts a wide range of features which are incomparable with its other forerunners in the market today. Magento is primarily used to develop systems that can seamlessly manage medium to large ecommerce portals.

Some of the notable features that the open source offers to businesses are:

  1. Product browsing and comparison
  2. Option to key in multiple shipping addresses
  3. Flexibility to integrate a number of different language as well as currencies
  4. Option for product reviews
  5. Elegant dropdown menus for easy navigation
  6. Wonderful marketing promotional tools
  7. Analytics and reporting to keep track of inventory and sales
  8. Dependable site and catalog management system
  9. Easy browsing of catalog
  10. Integrity of mobile commerce


Joomla offers an entire gamut of features for the most demanding businesses competing in the world of marketing and business excellence today. It is a powerful open source for developing Content Management Systems (CMS) and is being popularly used by small to large organizations, government agencies and demanding individuals to help maintain their corporate or business websites.

FNIT has today hired and retained a team of open source experts who can create for you a powerful and most robust CMS using Joomla through which you can effortlessly manage almost any website you have running on the internet. Due to the degree of simplicity and flexibility Joomla exhibits, you can now perform a world of operations on your website. It offers companies a complete solution package for easy site maintenance. Joomla is most ideal for companies that are looking to free resources and save money in engaging a professional web development company to help manage their website for them.

Some of the most popular features that we can use to help you create a state of the art CMS for your website are:

  1. An online editor through which you can update content and images
  2. Integrate customize templates as per your choice or liking
  3. Make use of and implement user friendly interfaces
  4. Create for you an easy to use and manage contact section through which you can easily engage with clients and stakeholders
  5. Create for you an online polling systems to attract customers and stakeholders

X Cart

Today, businesses that totally depend on the internet for high end transactions and online store management demand for functionalities that are intelligent enough to enhance the buying experience of their customers. Shopping carts for instance need to be intelligent enough to help online customers pick and drop whichever product they wish to purchase from the shelf. With the number of e-commerce websites emerging in the online market today you require a competitive edge and we can help you in many ways to accomplish this with ease.

X Cart is a very powerful e-commerce shopping cart written in MYSQL/PHP and offers visitors coming to your business website a most fantastic shopping experience. Experts working at FNIT can help make this experience even more convenient and safe by enhancing its core functionalities. The X Cart software comes loaded with unbelievable built-in features and keeps visitors engaged at all times. Our developers and programmers can help you explore and put in to use the various functionalities of this server based shopping cart so that the visitors coming to your shopping site increases manifolds.

X Cart offers a world of solutions to meet most of the requirements of small to large organizations. In case you have a special or unique demand our experts can look into this for you and offer solutions that enhance your business capability.


Drupal is one open source that has gained significant amount of popularity in recent times and is considered to be a leading content management system (CMS) available in the market today. It offers feature rich modules which can help in organizing content seamlessly, manage day to day tasks efficiently as well as it proves to be most handy when it comes to customizing your site from top to bottom.

Since, Drupal is an open source so you would require the services of a leading development company who would customize this product to help meet your exact business requirements. At FNIT, our Drupal experts would help you in many ways in establishing a fully functional system that can be integrated with your website so that you have complete control of key elements. If you are looking to manage your website, create and manage blogs and forums and also looking for better ways to connect or engage with clients and customers Drupal has all the essential ingredients that can help you effectively collaborate with people.

The programming language used by Drupal is PHP which is considered to be really flexible in creating a wide range of dynamic modules that can run efficiently on many platforms. To name a few Drupal is perfectly compatible with Linux, Mac OS as well as with Microsoft Windows. We can help you create user friendly interfaces and link the frontend to a compatible database like MySQL so that you can store settings and also maintain large amounts of data.


Drupal is one open source that has gained significant amount of popularity in recent times and is considered to be a leading content management system (CMS) available in the market today. It offers feature rich modules which can help in organizing content seamlessly, manage day to day tasks efficiently as well as it proves to be most handy when it comes to customizing your site from top to bottom.For businesses to gain a competitive edge it is essential that they should be able to deliver on time. With technology evolving and businesses highly depending on marketing tools like websites to help deliver key messages it is imperative that you create systems using advanced and reusable frameworks. Most companies nowadays have their own websites running on the internet. In order to maintain and complete control of their own site they would have it integrated with a content management system which is mostly built in PHP. However, as time progresses the demands and requirements of businesses increases and it is not at all feasible to reinvent the entire wheel from scratch. It is here where Zend allows codes and certain modules of PHP to be reused to enhance the overall business capability.

FNIT best understands that you may be tight on both budget and time and this is why we would help you implement systems that can be used and reused to accommodate present and future requirements. Our experts rely on newer technologies like Zend which is an application server for PHP. It supports modules and solutions for companies that face situations like enterprise scalability, enhanced performance management and more. Zend is a perfect platform for streamlining both development and deployment. It considerably improves user experience and allows high end integration to your existing infrastructure. By implementing Zend, we seek to help improve your application responsiveness and increase application reliability.


For the success of your online business it is important that you remain connected with potential clients and customers all the time. Information sharing is a must and one of the best ways of sharing ideas and receiving feedback is through blogs. WordPress is an application which allows individuals and companies to post their blogs on any topics of interest. It is a powerful open source that allows you to create a fully functional Content Management System that is most user- friendly. The application is a preferred choice for most bloggers around the world and is well used by both individuals and corporates.

If you are an individual or represent a small to large corporate and wish to share key messages with online viewers then the WordPress CMS offers a world of features and functionalities. Our CMS experts can help create for you a state of the art blogging section using WordPress where you can start posting your very own blogs. WordPress is well known for providing a variety of plugins and our experts can put in to use these plugins to help you engage a larger audience.

Plugins or programming codes embedded within the CMS allows you to enhance viewership. We would use these plugins to help customize your blogging section as per your requirement and individual needs. We can help you integrate videos by providing a link to your video clip that you may have populated on prevalent sites like YouTube and/or add a video to your section to increase interactivity. To make your blog section standout, we would help you activate a variety of themes that would grab the attention of visitors in one go.

Website Design... Painting your path to success!!

A worthy looking website is a result of proper amalgamation of creativity with technology. A fine blend of both elements creates the right kind of impact on your target audience and compels the viewer to take a deep dive into your website to know more. The process of designing a website involves a systematic approach and one should have a basic understanding of which element to place where in order to create an optimistic impression. At FNIT, we adopt a 360 degree approach to ensure your online presence is a strong and compelling one. For your website to grab attention and to have the desired visibility, we offer an entire spectrum of online services.

For the benefit of our clients and to cater to various requirements we offer the following web designing services:

- Corporate web design   - XHTML conversion
- Flash web design  - Template customization
- Portal web design - Mobile web design
- Website redesign - Microsite design

Website Maintenance & Support... Preparing you for tomorrow!!

In today's aggressive economic and business environment it is imperative that you should be prepared to adapt to influencing factors that would enforce you to make changes to your current website. Your online business goals need to be clear and your site should be such so that it can seamlessly support business growth without sacrificing the resiliency required for today's demanding business requirements. This is why it is essential that your website needs to be scalable and flexible enough to adopt new changes every day.

Over a span of time, it is evident that things around you change. Technology changes so does the website that was developed using the same technology. In order for you to remain in the competition and to keep ahead of close rivals you need to ensure that your business website is up to date and is competitive enough to engage more and more customers every day. As your business grows, you may witness that your website may need a total revamp as it doesn’t have the potential to showcase all your capabilities in a most resilient manner.

Web Portal Development... Enabling you to tackle bigger business challenges!

If you are looking for a robust way to share large quantities of data and information on the web with customers in a structured manner then a well-designed web portal provides the ultimate answer. With help of web portals, you can provide a host of functionalities that would prove to be of immense value to online visitors. This would include interactive modules like creating online communities, providing dependable search facilities, creating online forms for business enquiries or any other business requirement you may have and so on. The possibilities and choices are endless whereas the outcome is most commendable.

In comparison to smaller websites, web portals are colossal in nature and are more detailed hence considerable amount of thought and strategizing is a must for its success. FNIT is a leading web portal development company and we have the skills and the potential to create simple to complex web portals for a variety of businesses. We use the latest web technologies to ensure your web portal stands out from the crowd and has enough substance to attract more and more people online. We would look into your requirements and amalgamate the best in technology with creativity to help you create a portal that would lay a positive impact on the user.

Ecommerce Portal Development... Making online transactions mutually beneficial!!

Ecommerce has revolutionized the way we buy products and commodities of the shelf. It also offers an exceptional platform to showcase your products in an appealing manner. Visitors can simply come and choose whatever they want to buy, drop it in the shopping cart and pay through a secure payment gateway. An ecommerce website works just like a virtual store or shop and offers far reaching benefits in returns. Since your ecommerce portal is available 24 hours round the clock and 365 days a year so customers can buy whatever they want whenever they want. Also, since the website can be accessed by customers around the globe which means you can touch base with millions of customers on daily basis in any location.

An ecommerce website is made up of several components that work together for the sites smooth function and for successful transactions to happen. This is why it is essential that each component needs to be looked into with care. At FNIT, our experts would do a proper analysis of your business requirement and help create a list of components that would be required for the proper functioning of the website. Through proper planning and strategizing we would ensure that your website is not only appealing but also robust enough to handle numerous transactions effortlessly. Our application development experts would also help you develop a fully functional online store and inventory management system so that you can keep track of supplies and take off products when they are out of stock.

Content Management Solutions... Be in control of what is important to you!!

With advancements in technology and rapid changes in market trends it is imperative that your website should be up to date and current. Static content or obsolete information on your website would be of no use to visitors and your clients or customer. You need to ensure that the content on your site is well aligned with the refinements that you have made to your business model.

It may so happen that you require changes on your website on daily basis. This is most important if you wish to leverage your brand value and gain a competitive advantage. This is why most organizations nowadays look towards adopting a tool through which they can manage their digital assets effortlessly from a single centralized interface. It goes without saying that content means a lot to your online business as it attracts potential traffic and has a far reaching impact on your business and stakeholders. Content that is fresh and up to date drives new customers and also helps establish longer and stronger relationships.

For your website to gain competitive advantage the information needs to be most recent and for you to continuously monitor this activity and to change the content as per your business requirements you need what is called a Content Management System. This unique tool or engine can work as per your specifications and would ensure that your new content is online in a timely manner.

The fastest way to grow your business with the leader in Technology Check out our options and features included.

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Web Design

We as a Web Design Company in India, would take care of all your web design need by providing sophisticated and high end solutions.


We as a Web Development Company in India, would take care of all your web development need by providing sophisticated and high end solutions.

Copy Writing

All great copywriting has one thing in common. It guides your target audience through conversion process to a desired destination. You're on the right path with quality content from FNIT .


Our Organic Search engine optimization (SEO) services aim to obtain your website appear high in the results for the specific searches likely to generate more competent.


Our roots are in branding, web design, and naming. Most of our clients come to us for the full development of their name, brand, website, logo, mobile, and app design.


The strategic planning process results in a strategic plan, a document that articulates both the decisions made about the organization's goals and the ways in which the organization will achieve those goals.